socially responsible project of importance to us all 
The fund was established in 2018 around a socially responsible project aimed at having companiesassociations and individuals finance the restoration of wetlands in Iceland.  


The Fund‘s primary objective is to contribute to the reclamation of wetlands and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Iceland, as well as to promote the recovery of biosphere, birdlife and improving aquatic resources. It has been estimated that the length of the drained trenches in Iceland is about 34,000 kilometres. The main focus is on cooperation with farmers, landowners, municipalities and the Icelandic state to restore the areas not used for cultivation or forestry. The restoration of wetlands is a relatively fast and cheap way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Iceland.  


Wetland restoration is a recognized means under the terms of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). An assessment of the impact is carried out by experts of the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland and reviewed by the scientists of the Agricultural University of Iceland and the University of Iceland, after which they will be submitted to the IPCC. 


The President of Iceland, Mr. Gudni Th. Jóhannesson, is the guardian of the project. 


Extensive cooperation 
The fund works closely with organizations, associations, and companies, such as the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland, the University of Iceland, the Agricultural University of Iceland, the Research Center of the University of Iceland in South Iceland, the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, BirdLife Icelandthe Icelandic Environment AssociationKlappir Inc., the East Iceland Nature Research Centre, and the Icelandic Institute of Natural History. 


The founding members of the Icelandic Wetland Fund are the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland, SamskipSkeljungurÍslandsbankiEFLA Consulting EngineersReitirAuðlind – Nature Fund, Þekkingarmiðlun and Elding Whale Watching Reykjavík. 


Potential to achieve great results 
It is estimated that up to twothirds of all greenhouse gas emissions in Iceland are from drained wetlands. Therefore, it is essential to start the reclamation of wetlands as soon as possible. This cannot be solely on the shoulders of landowners or farmers. Instead, it is the responsibility of the whole society. The Fund assists landowners in recovering wetlands not used for cultivation or forestry by financing restoration projects and, depending on circumstances, providing education, personnel or equipment. 


Foster wetlands 
The Icelandic Wetland Fund also offers the possibility of fostering wetlands. The Fund ensures that the restoration is carried out professionally and in accordance with approved methods and under the supervision of specialists of the Soil Conservation Service of IcelandVolunteers monitor the positive effects of wetland restoration on birdsplants and other wildlife in selected areas. The Icelandic wetlands are significant nesting sites for many bird species.  


Record restoration results  
The Icelandic Wetland Fund, along with approved institutions in Iceland, confirms emission figures and results in the restoration of wetlands. Those who pay a certain amount to the Wetland Fund and those who restore a similar amount receive confirmation from the Wetland Fund about their social responsibility and can use the Wetland Fund logo for marketing purposes. 


Reliability and transparency 
PwCthe multi-professional services networkmonitor the financial side to ensure that all contributions to the Icelandic Wetland Fund are used to restore wetlands following approved standards.  

All donations are used directly towards the restoration of the wetlands and prevention of Co2 emission.

We thank for any and all support and encourage those who wish to set a good example to share this information onward.

Total tons of Co2


-Receiver ensures full purchase confidentiality regarding any and all information they provide in context with purchase.

-Information will not be under any circumstance handed over to a third party.

-You have 14 days to return any transactions you have made given a full receipt is provided.

-The Wetlands fund has the right to cancel any donation due to wrong information or prevent payment immidiately.  You can confirm each donation by phone in the case of doubt.

-This agreement is in full accordance with Icelandic laws.  If a dispute is raised it is handled by Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur.